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Client Introduction

The client spearheads a renowned HR Consultancy firm and provides end-to-end Recruitment services to enterprises and job-seekers from across the globe. The client believes in understanding every aspect of the business and exploring opportunities that would make their service more customer-friendly.

Business Scenario

Being one of the key players of the industry, the client pointed a loop hole in the system or rather a pain point that needs to be addressed! The only drawback of leveraging technology for recruitment and Human Resource was the lack of human touch and face-to-face interactions. While the job portals had all the necessary fields to understand the calibre of the candidate, and for job seekers to understand the enterprise and the job profile, there was still a lack of human element and hence he came up with an idea that would fill that gap.

Thus, client contacted me with a vision to develop a Mobile Application that would serve as a Job Portal that would prompt enterprises and job seekers to upload their videos along with other information to include that human element.


  • To develop a job portal that would allow users to create and upload videos with each inquiry.
  • To provide various filters that would help platform make better searches.
  • To create interface of the mobile such that would make the transition between the platforms seamless.
  • To develop APIs that would enable instant and secure exchange of data in between the platforms.
  • To sync the application with the website.


For this project, I collaborated as a UX Designer and project head with a cross-functional team of a designer, developer, analyst and a tester to provide agile mobile development services to the client that would enable them to create a job portal that would provide personalised and satisfactory recruitment services to their end-users with the necessary human touch.

UX Services

Video Uploading Feature: 

The feature that made the application stand-out in the industry was the feature where when job seekers were applying for a certain job or when an enterprise was contacting a prospect to join them for their vacant post, along with their application for the job or vice versa they could upload a video that would justify why they are the best for the other’s requirements. 

Intuitive Filter options:

The one thing that makes the job search and prospect search relevant is the criteria with which the enterprise or the job seeker seeks for the suitable place or resource to apply for. By doing extensive research and with the help of the expertise and experience of clients, I optimised their UX design and came up with filter options that would make the search of the end-user more relevant and the platform more reliable. 

Seamless Transition:

The biggest challenge that we faced was to match the image of the platform that the client had already established with their website and deliver a mobile application that would satisfy the expectation of its users while maintaining the similarity between the platforms and by ensuring seamless transitions between the platforms.

Flawless Data Exchange:

One other thing that made the mobile application become a part of the ecosystem was to adopt the roles and data structure of the website and yet deliver a native experience to the respective mobile app users to create better engagement and to deliver satisfactory experience to its end-users.

Technical Attributes that determined the success of the mobile application:

  • Light Application with quick response time
  • Engaging UI that ensured native experience
  • Defined Information Structure that enabled better conversion

UI Services

Based on the design system of the application, various elements, pages, icons, text fields, banners and other such templates were designed for the client. The cornerstone of the design was to appeal to the laymen audience of the application. Also, the idea was to create a centralised design that would also help the client in creating a unique brand identity that would help them establish a distinct image in the retail lingerie market.

Benefits for Client

  • The job portal that had all the necessary features and beyond
  • Seamless Transitions between web and mobile platforms to maintain the integrity of the brand
  • Connecting all the different players on one single platform to avoid chaos and confusion

Benefits for End-User

  • The end-users got the opportunity to explore their favoured job portal on mobiles
  • Seamless Transitions ensured satisfactory experience
  • Native approach taken ensured the application was relatable to the users
  • Quick and light application that would not take much space in their phones
  • To stay better connected with the platforms and quickly and actively search for their ideal job

Our Process

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